President's Message

                                               Edward Hasson   

 As the Talmud teaches, saving one life is considered to be saving the world.


     With the global and national turmoil we face, I am so pleased that we can look to LASHA for warmth, joy and love.  LASHA has always been close to our hearts and LASHA’s founding mission of “honoring our fathers and mothers” continues to be the inspiration for our daily mitzvot. 

     We serve our seniors in many ways, from sending volunteers to keep company and share a meal, to finding the perfect placement for our seniors who choose to move into assisted living.  We help our seniors with paperwork, avail upon city and state programs for rides, meals, discount meds, etc. and make daily phone calls to check in on those who may live alone or just need a friendly chat.  We also find caregivers for our seniors aging at home and in need of daily assistance. 
     By remaining an independent organization, LASHA has been able to support our seniors in ways that would not have been possible if we would have remained a support group assisting another organization!
     LASHA continues to host “WEDNESDAYS with LASHA” where our seniors enjoy a homemade lunch, dance, clap and sing to the entertainment.  Our “Holiday Basket Visit” Program has been well received by the community.  I am proud to say that we have received donations which enable us to reach out to more people.  Visits such as these, enrich the lives of our seniors and when we see the bright smiles and cheerful faces, we know that our work is making a positive impact every day.
     LASHA makes a brighter and happier world for each community member we touch.  Last November we had a Sephardic Music Festival!  Over 300 people attended and had a wonderful evening filled with performers, food and boutique.  We are currently searching for an entertainer for our 2017 signature event.  I look forward to the next year of LASHA programs and hope to see more of you attend our events. 
     My wife, Rachel, and I wish you all a healthy, strong and happy New Year.  We thank the LASHA board and staff for making such a positive contribution to our seniors. 

Eddie Hasson, President