LASHA'S Promise



Seniors are living longer, and some are finding that the funds they have may not be sufficient to sustain them. Surveys and research show that affordable housing for seniors is a critical need. “LASHA’s Promise” is a plan to take on part of the challenge of helping to provide quality housing for our seniors in need in the greater Los Angeles area. This “Promise” involves the undertaking of a $3M Capital Campaign in order to meet some of that critical need.

LASHA’s mission has always been to improve the quality of life for our seniors in the community and as needs have changed, we have taken on new challenges to meet new needs. Our reputation over the past fifty years has been of a caring community, and we certainly mean to continue to justify that reputation. Not only do we want to continue the work we have done and are doing in the community, we want to expand it and make it more relevant to current changing needs. In this interest we have met numerous times to discuss and plan for the future.

We are in the process of searching for an apartment building and or SB2 property in re-development areas in the San Fernando Valley which could house seniors and would also provide a community room for our luncheons, events and gatherings, as well as a home for the LASHA office. To realize our dreams and objectives, we are applying for government grants, working with corporate sponsors, and looking to our LASHA friends who have always been so generous in the past. “LASHA’s Promise” is an extension of all that LASHA has stood for in the past and has hoped to accomplish. We welcome your input, ideas and suggestions. The current economic climate for health and welfare dollars is tighter than it has ever been. But with your help, we know that this project is not only do-able, but that it will be one of the most meaningful projects that we have ever attempted. Its fulfillment will make a real difference in the lives of seniors in need.