Many seniors insist on staying in their homes and yet as they age, many need personal support as they lose their independence.  Our Liaison program provides this outside help.  A Liaison interviews and accesses what if any extended care is needed.  If for example if a senior needs in home care, we have a list of recommended caregivers for seniors who may need this service.  The list of caregivers includes those who have worked for others in the community or who are recommended by LASHA supporters.  Creating our own list eliminates the need for a home health service which may involve significant expense.  Still, many seniors in our network cannot afford a caregiver even once per week.  Our Liaison reports this information to the Director of LASHA who will then procure donations from the community or the “secret fund” at our affiliate temple to help cover the cost of a caregiver.  Thus, we offer a grass roots support program to fill in the gaps and meet the needs of our seniors in the most appropriate way possible.

Just one of many stories about the people we help

How can the elderly be forgotten.  Mrs. S. suffers from shingles.  Her pain as she describes is unbearable.  Mrs.  S. is 92 years old, husband, child, siblings and friends have all passed.    Our Liaison Susan,  visited Mrs. S. and learned that the pharmacy was going to drop off Lyrica for her pain before 4:00 P.M.   Susan wanted to call the doctor to confirm and get the name of the pharmacy, but Mrs. S. insisted that we do not bother the doctor.  Her fear is that he might get aggravated and then possibly provide less care.   At 4:15 Susan insisted on calling the doctor and Mrs. S conceded.   We left a message with the answering service and received a very disturbing return call 45 minutes later.  The nurse informed us that the pharmacy does not deliver and they were not able to find another pharmacy that does.  With much agitation with that response that we stepped outside with the phone so that Mrs. S would not hear our agitation with the nurse.   She said to the nurse “how can you forsake those who are not capable of speaking up”, etc…..  Immediately the nurse called the prescription into CVS and we picked it up for our client. 

Training Module

LASHA would like to take the Liaison Program to the next level to provide for a greater number of seniors.  We will accomplish this goal by training volunteers to supplement the work offered by our Liaison worker.  LASHA will conduct a classroom and on-site training program to ensure that those representing our organization provide quality services.  Volunteers will be required to complete an application and interview, attend training sessions at the LASHA office and work with the Liaison worker in the field.  Upon completion of training, volunteers will be able to provide phone support and resource referrals as well as direct interfacing with seniors in their homes. 

LASHA believes that all seniors deserve quality care and concern.  LASHA’s programs are dedicated to honoring our elders and we do this in the most direct and expedient manner.  In today’s busy, high-tech world, many families are split apart and seniors are often living far from their loved ones.  The LASHA program becomes a pseudo family, offering companionship and support in a loving and meaningful way.  We are proud of this unique program and look forward to serving 25% more seniors in our community each year.